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GPS Track System was founded in the year 2003, and since then our company is rendering it’s services to its nation and the people of India. Headquartered in Delhi, at GPS Track System we provide our customer the most advanced GPS-based tracking devices that offer our customers (enterprises, fleet owner's, individuals, pet owners, etc) real-time experience. In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, we are offering our customers best product in minimal cost. With continuous improvement in the products, GPS Track System now pride itself on being the most powerful tracking solution provider. With our AIS 140 GPS trackers we address every life stage, from elder care to infant care, when you are in need of clarity we are here to help with our unparalleled technical expertise and ultimate customer service on every product we sell.

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We have wide customer base in the almost all parts of India including Delhi, Noida, Rajasthan, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Guwahati, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, kolkata, Punjab, haryana, Bangalore, Noida, Haryana, Mumbai, madhya pradesh, Bihar, Ranchi, jammu kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and others.

Products we offer for individuals :- We believe that you care for each and every other item in which you have invested your hard-earned money. Every individuals has a special place in their heart for their vehicle be it a car or a bike. And we know how much you guys care for your vehicle and the fear of losing them haunts you coz people spends a fortune on their vehicle. To cover your insurance policy and offering you a peace of mind, we are here with our GPS Car Tracking Devices and Bike Tracking Devices so that you can keep a contact check on your vehicle and in case of any mishappening you can track that thing easily.

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Products we offer for enterprises :- In case you own a fleet, whether it consists of 2 vehicle or 200 hundred, in today's scenario you cannot work properly without a Fleet management system or say Vehicle tracking system. Because you might want to know how and where your car (fleet) is being driven or operating. With our wide range of products, take control of your fleet with effective tracking at a reasonable cost. Also, decrease the fuel bills by monitoring wasteful vehicle idling.

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Our Mission :- We stepped into this industry with only one mission in mind and that is “To make India safe and secure”; because we believe that the technology we have with us can make a difference and stand out as a winner. Making India a better place to live with unparalleled and unmatched technology savvy tracking devices is our goal.

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