personal tracking system

Personal Tracking System

Feel worried all the time, when your child is away from the home or travels outside the states with friends or something? Obviously yes, we indians get emotional when it comes to our children. Nowadays, one cannot put his/her trust on anyone, when we hear about child trafficking and kidnapping like incidents. To ease the problem and rather solve the problem of Indian parents, we bring to all one of the most sophisticated, small, compact and advanced AIS 140 GPS Personal Tracking System in India or the world. Your kids’ safety is now in your hands, wherever they are. One can insert or attach our tracking devices with the watch, bag, shoes or other accessories that the child uses every day in order to keep a constant track on him or her. To enhance your knowledge here, we want to clarify that personal tracking devices does not only comes to track the child, you can track the location of your pet by attaching the personal tracking system with its collar or in case you involved in the sales business and provide door to door sales service then you can also track the status of your employees with GPS Track System’s Personal Tracking System.

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This personal Tracking system is a revolutionary portable and small devices which guarantees the safety of your loved ones whether it is your kid, pet or the elders of your family. It is a world known fact that none cares for their more than the parents, and the love and care between a parent and children are somethings inexpressible in words or feeling and a parent can never imagine their child in danger. And this is the reason we came up with this amazing device.

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Why purchase GPS Track System’s Vehicle Management System or Vehicle Tracking System?

Mentioned below are some features of our personal tracking system that separates us from our competitors:

  • Small & Portable :- Our devices are small and portable which means you are place the device almost anywhere you want.

  • SMS/Email Alerts :- Get the real-time notification in the form of email alerts and SMS containing the information regarding your subject.

  • Live Location Data :- Track the location of your loved ones LIVE from anywhere in the world.

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  • SOS or Panic Button :- In case of emergency, subject ca press the Panic button or SOS button which will generate an instant notification on the connect device of the designated person and that received information get updates accordingly time to time.

  • Live Mapping :- With our devices you can experience map Interface that will allow you to see the live position of the vehicle or fleet, along with their direction of movement and corresponding speeds. Not only this it also enable the user to create geo-fence for generating location based alarms.

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