vehicle tracking system


Now unleash the power of India's most exceptional and far-reaching Vehicle MANAGEMENT SYSTEM or in simple words we could tagged it as “Vehicle Tracking System”. GPS Track system Vehicle Tracking systems sole motto is that “Save Driver ensures ensures more safe life”. All these tracking devices are loaded with host of features which can not be explained widely like it offers powerful tools and accurate results to manage the operations by Vehicle Manager. Without detailed report, continuous surveillance and tracking one can never get to know how well the Vehicle is performing. And that sense of security is provided by GPS Track System’s tracking devices.

Why purchase GPS Track System’s Vehicle Management System or Vehicle Tracking System?

  • Improve Productivity and Lower the Labor Costs :- : We can bifurcate drivers into two categories, one signifies more productive and other signifies less productive or remain idle most of the time and try to catch up lately. This Vehicle Tracking system, you can hold each one of them to the same level of productivity standards and the value of on-field employees with insights and indepth driver performance report so generated.

  • Extend the Life of Your Fleet :- We all know that the life of heavy vehicle such as trucks have less life as compared to other vehicles as they stay for longer duration on road. With this management system one can properly maintain all the information regarding the Vehicle In one centralized system so that they perform at maximum efficiency.

  • Quicker Response Times :- Be your customer’s FLASH, win their trust and heart with instant vehicle location and real-time GPS tracking. Know who is closest to the job site and district the nearest available driver accordingly.

  • Instant Alerts :- GPS Track System offers a wide variety of alarm types tracking systems that send instant notification through Email/SMS/Web as soon as violation such as speeding and Geo-fencing occur. Sketch out a circle all over any specific area according to your choice or elect advanced route geofencing with fully adjustable buffer zones.

  • Live Mapping :- With our devices you can experience map Interface that will allow you to see the live position of the vehicle or fleet, along with their direction of movement and corresponding speeds. Not only this it also enable the user to create geo-fence for generating location based alarms.

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